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Encounter One

ISBN-13 978-0-9791641-2-5

Encounter One launches a science fiction trilogy. The characters whose adventures we follow are a small band of research scientists led by the young Dr. Steven Barrett. The team find themselves pitted, with seemingly impossible odds, against superior beings, when after the race known as the Syzzacks arrive on Earth. But how will the planet and humanity survive? How will they change? What will become of mankind and the aliens—and, in fact, the entire universe? Throughout the course of this novel, the events take the reader from life on Earth to remote and mysterious realms of intergalactic space, to wondrous worlds beyond imagining, and back again. It envisions the universe as physical as well as infinitely otherworldly. So, now that you know the Syzzacks have come, can we save ourselves from annihilation? Should we even consider sparing Earth’s intruders if it will save lives? And, what will the decision of one man, Steven Barrett, accomplish to make it all happen?

The answers lie here in STATIC.



Once upon a time, there was a story to tell. But what, prey tell, can it be?



So many stories to write, so little time!



Oh... the suspence is killing us!

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