Filled with passion, power, big ideas, and a joyful spirituality, Swainward’s first novel is a pleasant surprise, offering hope for fans of the often all-too-predictable ‘alien invasion’ tale. Encounter One - STATIC is anything but predictable, and a fast, exciting read.

Brad Munson, author of the NY Times bestseller Inside Men in Black II


C. R. Swainward, I’m happy to report, writes in the great tradition of science fiction cosmologists like Olaf Stapledon and Arthur C. Clarke. The first novel is exciting and thought-provoking.

Science fiction writer Bruce McAllister, author of Dream Baby and a multiple Hugo and Nebula nominee

Until now, science fiction has never been my choice of thrillers but, Static is an intriguing tale and a thought provoking achievement. The story is a quick paced exhilarating adventure that shows the fortitude of friendship and a compassion for all life.

Wathera Cuamatzi, Entrepreneur, and New Agent Mentor for Insurance

C. R. Swainward has created a universe that is rich and enthralling. I was wowed by the story and fascinated with each turn of event. Here is a science fiction thriller that reaches beyond our imagination in a pulse-pounding adventure that lets us identify fully with its main characters. Two thumbs up!

Chan’nel Jamilah, artist and founder of Wintergnome Productions

C. R. Swainward is an up and coming, very talented new writer! No one will be disappointed in this exciting page turner. Our book club is reviewing this book next month, and “Encounter One: Static” has gotten the most praise of any new book we’ve chosen in a very, very long time! Congratulations Team Swainward! You’ve hit this one out of the ballpark!

Cindy Gibson via Amazon. on soft copy January 28, 2014

I finished the book last night, it was a great read. When are you going to publish the second book...

reader Mike Johnson to the author

I had the pleasure of reading this book over a weekend. It took me on a journey with twists I was not expecting and kept me turning the pages to discover how the scientists would handle the next set of challenges. I recommend this book to all who love Sci-Fi and to those looking for a new take on the Sci-Fi world. I cant wait for the sequel.

Mike Johnson via Amazon on soft copy Feburary 28, 2014

This book starts off with a bang and keeps making me want to read the next page. The book cover alone is enticing. Go for it, you won't be disappointed.

Lori via Amazon on soft copy March 4, 2014

Hi C... I have to say I am absolutely bowled over....I am a pretty well read science fiction enthusiast... Seriously, your story is hard science fiction reminiscent of Arthur C. Clarke, Asimov, Joe Haldeman, et al..

reader Dr. David Jawor to the author

Once upon a time a very like-minded patient of mine raved about this book when I asked what science fiction book they were currently reading. "Doc I know you love Earth Invasion/War of the Worlds type HAVE GOT to read this." We are always referring sci fi/fantasy books/authors to each other so I wholeheartedly trusted him on his suggestion. 4 days later my copy of Static arrived. I think when I finally put it down I was a quarter into it.


The author C.R. Swainward immediately impressed me with a very intelligent and methodical approach to storytelling. A natural for fresh and realistic prose, Swainward, thankfully, gives a generous touch of humanity to the well developed characters.


I won't give away any of the book here but basically Earth is invaded by beings mindbogglingly (is that a word?) more advanced than man that originate from a dying world billions of light years away. A group of Scientists from California discover the invasion and formulate a plan to retaliate. Written in the classic style of Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven and say David Brin, Swainward brings a loveable charm to "hard" science fiction with a well paced thoroghly researched book.


Science vs theology is well engrained in the story which opens the book up for debate as the more tasteful authors in the genre do. I actually called my patient and we discussed the book for a good hour or more... As a well read science fiction enthusiast I cannot recommend this book more to fans of the represents the genre very well.


Thank the Syzzacks (or the gods) this is the first of a trilogy!

The End.

ThrEaD NUGENT via Amazon on soft copy March 26, 2014